[FDD Server] In-game commands & binds

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[FDD Server] In-game commands & binds

Postby TopRed » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:35 pm

Private Message
/pm <receiver (part of name)> <message>

Entertainment features
/charlie <question>

/buyticket <number 1-50>
/flip <amount>


Changing nickname
/nick <new nickname>


Closing MTA

F1 = Shop
F2 = Help panel
F4 = Mute/Unmute MX Radio
F3 = Map shop
F5 = Switch from server
F8 = Console
F12 = Screenshot (Find them in: C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.3\screenshots)

/nosgauge [on|off] - Sets the NOS gauge visibility (default 'on')

/nos [normal|nfs]
/noscontrol [hybrid|nfs|normal] - Sets the NOS firing control style (default 'hybrid'):
- normal : The default sucky behavior; Once NOS is fired there's no way to stop it.
- nfs : NFS-style NOS; hold fire to start NOS, release to stop.
- hybrid : hybrid-style NOS; press fire once to start NOS, press fire again to stop.

/nossustain [on|off] - Sets whether to keep NOS turned on after the following events (default 'on'):
* Picking up a vehicle change pickup while having NOS turned on
* Picking up a nitro pickup while having NOS turned on
* Changing vehicle on a checkpoint while having NOS turned on

/move_nosgauge - Enables nos gauge repositioning.

Premium players
Premium features

Y = Teamchat
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