[Declined] MX-best admins +MX Clan +bugs+laggers

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[Declined] MX-best admins +MX Clan +bugs+laggers

Postby MohammedGaMers » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:54 pm

Hmm... first the admins are the best admins i did not see like thos admins they are amazing and the do not chat that the best thing ever not like othere servers :D ,but the best admins and best mx clane member is lego and topred.i now that you guys can stop that bug but we can hunt them and band them from the game so they can not bug agine.i have some thing more can we be kicked if we onley got over 70 or down of 60 because its ez to get kicked of that and thanks thats all i say and i hop you injoy i hop i be in mx clan :D .
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