2K19 Was Excellent in Most Categories

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2K19 Was Excellent in Most Categories

Postby gamegoldfast » Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:46 am

It's all well and good being able to play with your favorite basketball celebrities and do what you want with them, but when a guy who left a solitary three-point shot into his entire career is stood at the perimeter destroying your team, something has to change.For the interest of everyone's sanity when enjoying MyTeam in For further more NBA 2K20 information, please visit our site nba2king.com, you also can Buy MT 2K20 from us, we promise you the prices is suitable. , the game has two items to sort out outside of in-game play. Number 1, fix the servers. Number 2, and more significantly for a great deal of people, fix the auction house. Please.Scouring the auction house for"snipes" can be one of the most enjoyable portions of the game for a whole lot of players, while it also serves as a means for folks to create copious amounts of MT who aren't eager to spend money on in-game currency.

When the game was hit by serious server problems the Auction House worked fine for the most part, but started to crumble around March time, and frankly, it never recovered. It became impossible to bid correctly on players, search for anybody within certain values, as well as hindering those all-important snipe filters.For this important element of the game style, this is something that has to be solved for 2K20. Spend that in-game money on themed packs and the entire business model of 2K centers around gamers parting ways with cash to purchase VC.

While the themed packs in 2K19 weren't a problem in general and the variety on offer was much better than ever, 2K played a sneaky card with a few releases as users could just use VC and not MyTeam coins to chance their arm. This is a controversial and somewhat selfish move from 2K, and played openly into the hands of those players eager to part ways with their hard earned cash to gain an advantage.While microtransactions would be the standard in gambling now, 2K prides itself on having one of the greatest communities in the sector, and all this did was create division.It's probably we won't see the sport shift away from this version anytime soon, however as enthusiastic fans and players of the franchise, we can but sit and hope for the best.

It is easy to picture NBA 2K20 MT development group (or really any team working on yearly sports franchises) sitting round a table scratching their heads and collectively wondering how the fudge they could advertise their latest game. Minor tweaks are the order of the day when there's less than a complete year to work on the item, and NBA 2K20 will be no different.Not to worry, because last year's 2K19 was excellent in most categories. It delivered presentation, great gameplay and a Neighborhood mode, so there's something to build on. The only real drawback was that MyCareer leaned heavily on those microtransactions that is cursed turning it into a more than a thrill. Such is life in modern gaming.
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Re: 2K19 Was Excellent in Most Categories

Postby samuelddarden » Tue Jun 02, 2020 4:50 am

I'm having a good time playing in this bitlife game. It is free to play on pc.
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2K19 Was Excellent in Most Categories

Postby Stanleyref » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:56 am

Sorry to hear that

I think I should rename this thread:

The Bad, The Good, and the most DISSAPOINTING

With all due respect and I mean the upmost respect
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Postby Louislah » Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:35 pm

Hey guys lovely stories keep them coming folks and penny and the crew thanks for letting me put another post to this stunning site
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