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[Declined] Kakarot

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:02 pm
by Kakarot
In-game nickname: Kakarot,Yay

In-game username: Johncena2000

Discord username: Salina #3120

Serial: 830BD49CA015EFC1246B66A7C9087144

How old are you?: 22

Male or Female: Male

Country: Jordan

Since how long did you start playing MTA?: about 5 years

What kind of in-game skills do you have? (Gamemodes): DD, FDD

Have you been in other clans? (Name them): yup,DD ( 7 God Level) , ( Fast Pro Drivers ) , (The old RX) , (FUCCBOIZ COMMUNITY RU$$IA) in FDD ( *~Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu~* ) , and i created clan (Dragon Ball Super) and (~! ULTRA _ INSTINCT !~)

Are there any MX members who may know you?:yeah, old members from mx clan (Yasseko,remix) and new members (Lego,Alice,[T]urbo) and admins ( Mootje,TopRed,Rafis or Tommy,Compa,Jessie,Saiven,Souf)

Why do you want to join MX?(Minimal 100 words):well, hmm first i want to be in the mx family and i have friends who are already in this family, i want to make a new friends with this family, it's been a long time for me in the mx server and i want to spend now with the mx family, i would be happy to be with this beautiful family