[Declined] Mx Clan <3

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[Declined] Mx Clan <3

Postby Szymon1222 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:34 pm

In-game nickname: |GT|Kylo

In-game username: Szymon1222

Discord username: N/A

Serial: 29CG195052

Age: 14 This Year

Gender: Male

Country: Warsaw,Poland

Since How Long Do i Play MTA: I play MTA for 5 Years Now (Started at 9)

What Kind of In-game skills: Stunts,Derby (Usually last till final 3)

Clans: GT,GreenKillers

Mx Members That May Know me: Rafis

I Want to join Mx clan because i think that i would be a good member to the clan i would play all the time
non-stop i would love to be in the best clan on the server and also i would enjoy playing along side the best of the best
(admins) especially Compa which would be a pleasure for me and any other player on the server so i really hope that you admins would consider this request and hopefully something comes out of this but i also want to be a MX member for a specific reason so i could stop all the buggers and cheaters if possible if i was on the server (Which i am at least 4-6 H a day) i might scare some of the players and they wouldnt use Fraps,Bandicam Etc. so i hope all you consider this request

- Your Sincerely
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Re: Mx Clan <3

Postby Remix » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:23 pm


You're meant to make a join request to join as a member, not a moderator or an administrator.
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