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help me(

Postby [RHD]_Nikita233 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:33 am

Hello all players and admins MX server , I want to apologize to all , excuse me for a fool( I do not who do not want to offend( , razbante me on the server my account MX [RHD]_Nikita account can not unblock ( and better unlock) I'm not playing that year for MX( new account create , razbante me , I will play fair , without bug and other cheats , unbanning me please on the server( give me 1 more chance please(( ADMINS :( Vashj server the best(( your better servers I haven't seen ( want I your account whatever you unlocked will zaplachu you the money will say how much) I ask you for unbanning servers MX all ( I really want to play read this post and understand me((
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