[IMPORTANT] Account related issues

Are you running into any account issues, do you have any questions or do you have a suggestion for us? Please post them here.

[IMPORTANT] Account related issues

Postby S0UF » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:07 pm

Since there have been a lot of account related issues which aren't clear enough for us to handle, we are now asking for more information about every issue from now on.

To prevent any inconveniences we ask you to choose the category of your issue and fill in the questions:


I forgot my password
* Your username
* Your nickname
* Your IP address
* Your MTA Serial
(We will recover your password only up to 3 times, after 3 times we will NOT recover your password)

Someone stole my account
* Your username
* Your nickname
* Your IP address
* Your MTA Serial
* Why did your account get stolen?
* How did your account get stolen?
* Who stole your account?
* Did you give away your password?
(If we find out you have given away your password, we will punish you.)

I bought premium, but did not get it
* Your username
* Your phone number
* The amount you have paid
* Your provider
* Your country
(Trying to fraud will result in a ban)

How to get my serial?
1. Open MTA
2. Press F8
3. Type serial
4. Select your serial and press Ctrl + C
5. You have successfully copied your MTA serial.
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