Tips to Rank Up in Hoops - Rocket League

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Tips to Rank Up in Hoops - Rocket League

Postby rocketleagueigvault » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:16 pm

Hoops is one of the craziest and most enjoyable game modes Rocket League has to offer.

The main difference between Hoops and the other modes is that the net is a big basketball hoop. To score you must put the ball in from above rather than the front.

It is incredibly fast and requires a delicate touch. In order to win in the higher levels, you must be sure not to make any mistakes.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to rank up in Hoops:

Defend from below

Playing Hoops, you can drive through the virtual net coming down from the rim.

Being able to do this allows you to save the ball by jumping from the ground under the hoop, hitting the ball up and out of the hoop.

This adds another dimension to Rocket League that you won’t find in the other game modes. It is also one of the most tricky dimensions given the difficulty to read the play from under the basket.

Use the Backboard

Using the backboard is just one way for you to really step up your game.

Most players will also be trying to score the ball by hitting it off the backboard so being positioned there instead of on the ground will make it much easier to make those saves and clears.

The backboard is not just for saves and clears, though. It can also be used on offense as well. If a player is on the backboard and the teammate passes it to them then they can redirect it into the net.

The backboard is going to be one of your favorite spots in Hoops and if you can use it to your advantage, you’ll soon level up.

Make the Most of Corners

When trying to score in Hoops, many players try to hit it up and into the hoop or shoot the ball from the air down into the hoop.

Another great way to get some quick unexpected goals is to hit the ball off the corner wall. If you bang the ball into the corner it will bounce off the wall and straight into the hoop.

This is a useful tactic to go to when the opponents are guarding the upper backboard.

Flicks are Good

If you have ever played Hoops, I am sure you have seen the lack of flicks in the games played.

To score the ball you normally have to shoot the ball from above. But you are still able to flick the ball and score in hoops.

The way you must flick the ball is straight with a slight, upward angle. This way the ball goes fast and hits off the backboard, making it hard to read as well as save the ball.

The Kick Off

The normal way to go for a kick off in Hoops is to drive towards the ball in the middle of the court and then, once it propels into the air, try to boost up to the ball.

There is also a different kick off in Hoops where you bump your teammate in front of you and throw the player into the air towards the ball. It takes less boost and the player can get to the ball much faster than a normal kick off.

Be aware, though: a team is only able to perform this kick off when one player is positioned in the middle of the hoop and the other player is in front on either the left or the right.

It is difficult to get the hang of at first but, once you can get it down, you should be able to get some cheeky kick off goals!

Make sure to Rotate and Position

Just like in any Rocket League playlist, you have to have good rotation and positioning in Hoops.

Hoops and regular 2v2 are very similar in this aspect. When the first player is driving the ball down the court the second player needs to be ready to get the pass or follow up a 50/50.

You do not want to be too close to your teammate, though. Instead, you want to position yourself dependent upon where the opponents are at.

For example: If the opponent is on the backboard, you do not want to cheat up close since they will be able to get a big clear.

For rotations, you want to have one person attack the ball and the other getting ready for a pass or a clear to your side.

The last player in a Hoops rotation is just as important as it is in regular 2s. Make sure you can beat the opponent to the ball and put it in a good place for you or your teammate to follow up.

Boost is Key

Boost management is important in every playlist that Rocket League has to offer but in Hoops it is much harder to have good boost management.

Since the map is smaller than the normal, it makes it easier for the opponents to boost steal and catch players in tough positions with little to no boost.

It is crucial, then, that players make sure they get small boost pads constantly as well as steal the big boost pads so the opponents are not able to take them.

Not letting the opponents have boost can create very easy goal opportunities for you and your teammate to score!

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Tips to Rank Up in Hoops Rocket League

Postby AvesVoner » Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:57 am

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