Back when I was a wee RuneScape gold schoolboy

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Back when I was a wee RuneScape gold schoolboy

Postby Rskingdom » Sat Dec 07, 2019 1:04 am

Back when I was a wee RuneScape gold schoolboy, kindly remember just 3 gods: good Saradomin, Bad zamorak and guthix who only wanted balance.that's it.yes, I understand several other gods were hinted in quests like Zaros and Amardyl, and that there are a few gods who just have powers at the desert such as Elide and Ictharyn but in the grand scheme of things, there were just 3 gods, the good, the bad, and also the ugly.being religious in Gilenore was simple: you would like to be a great man? Select saradomin. You wan na t become a jerk? Select zamorak. You just want the world take its natural course and not pick on a side? You follow we've got all sort of gods that I can not for the life of me understand,Seren? Zaros? Sliske? Amardyl? Do they endure for any values or principles that are natural, or do they simply rule that is it and a spesific race?

I guess this to be a instance of Story Segregation?! and Gameplay

Maybe a spoiler, maybe not. Anyways, while playing"The Light Inside" we had been given a vision of back when Seren and Zaros were still Mah's Caretakers. In this cutscene, Zaros claimed and talks of finding the eggs in which the Elder Gods hatched. "It was easy enough to find the memories, even when you look closely enough. Six of these, five of form and one of something. "Unless I have missed any, we've only known of Jas, Ful, Bik, Wen, and Mah. By which hatched in the five eggs located in the Elder Halls on Freneskae.

So who is this 6th one that Zaros said? He said"One of something else." So maybe the Elder God at incorporeal?

I do not usually bring Runelabs stuff here. But since it seems to cheap RS gold concern the lore community, figured I'd give it a shot.Can Service HereJagex has been telling us for a while that Quests are restricted due to budget. Thats understandable, since they really do tend to be heavy on tools. But, its annoying that very good quests last year, we've had are only made temporary eliminated. Quests such as the Penguin Sequel at December, The Easter Quest, and Meg's Cases.
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